Maskinservice, ny hyresgäst

Välkommen Maskinservice som ny hyresgäst på Kuröds industriområde.  Maskinservice är en...

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UFAB besökte Norgårdenskolans temadag, Yrkesliv

Fredagen den 17 oktober besökte UFAB Norgårdenskolans temadag Yrkesliv. Representanterna från UFAB...

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Få bättre betalt för elen

SERO har i samarbete med sektion småskalig vindkraft undersökt möjligheten att få bättre elavtal i...

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Skatteregler för mikroproduktion

På sektionens webbsida för Småskalig Vindkraft har de tidigare publicerat klarlägganden om...

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The Mattsson group

The Mattsson Group consists of well positioned companies acting as technical system suppliers within the following business areas:
Mechanics, Paper, Marine Engineering and Wind power.

With a long tradition of quality, good workmanship and state of the art production facilities, our companies are today ranked among the best in Scandinavia within their fields and activities.

Our clients work typically within the following areas: Packaging, Power Production and Supply, Off-shore, Foodstuffs, Medicine, Pulp & Paper, Marine & Technical consulting.


Our companies shall always be the customer´s first choice

Business concept

We shall be active owners of market-oriented and profitable engineering companies. We shall also manage our real estates in an efficient way.

Weather in Uddevalla