About the group

The Mattsson Group consists of a number of engineering companies which can be categorized into four busienss areas, namely mechanics, paper machines, marine engineering and Real Estate.

Flexibility - Quality - On-time delivery

We offer complete project responsibility within our respective business areas and operate as a partner supplier to a number of large corporations, mainly in the export field.

The group operates in a strictly decentralized manner and each subsidiary works independently within the frames of its business concept. To reach optimal solutions when we take on large commitments, several of the companies within the group cooperate when suitable. We find that our project-oriented way of operating is increasingly asked for on the market.

The parent company, Mattssonföretagen i Uddevalla AB, handles property administration as well as group management and certain joint group functions for the subsidiaries


Our companies shall always be the customer´s first choice

Business concept

We shall be active owners of market-oriented and profitable engineering companies. We shall also manage our real estates in an efficient way.

Core values

We are continuously working to ensure health among our employees. Nothing is more important than our health.

We deal with environmental issues responsibly.

We always put safety first. Nothing is too urgent for safety to be overlooked.

We shall always deliver the right quality. The way in which the right quality for the end product is achieved is extremely important. Quality at every stage.

Customer focus
We shall keep focus on the customer at all times - not forgetting that it is the customer who pays our wages.

Business sense
We are business people who build long-term relationships by acting professionally and doing business profitably.

Ethical and moral standards
We have high ethical and moral standards on all issues.

We shall work smarter instead of harder. We are constantly searching for methods that ensure our time and resources are used in the best way possible.

Our managers have an open door policy and we shall be characterised by high standards of accessibility. There shall be openness that ensures all shared information is communicated in a structured manner.


The engineering group Mattssonföretagen operates decentralized via independent joint-stock companies. These, in turn, are divided into four different business areas: Mechanics, Paper, Marine Engineering and Real Estate. Within these four areas, the group offers products and services related to engineering technology.

Mattssonföretagen i Uddevalla AB Gustaf Mattssons väg 2 451 50 Uddevalla.
Tel: 0522-980 00 E-post: info@mattsson.se